Why might you need a Keyholding Service?

Many businesses still use a system that involve one of the Directors, Managers, or Staff responding to an alarm activation on a rotation basis, not recognising the impact this could have on the business or the person attending.

Consider if the alarm has done its job effectively.

What will you do? How many of them are there? What will they do? Whilst 99 times in 100 it will be a fault with the alarm, the consequences of what could happen if your staff member arrives to discover intruders does not bear thinking about. Why put them in danger?


Taking instructions from your monitoring company, our Response Team will deal with all activations, dealing with any issues that arise, leaving your premises only after we have secured it.  This may also include organising temporary repairs.  Nothing is left to chance, and your business remains fully protected.

From as little as £1 per day, our professionally trained Staff will attend your premises out of hours. The safety of our Staff is always foremost in our minds, following safety procedures that ensure their wellbeing, whilst being supported throughout attending the activation via our 24/7 Control Room Team.