Why might you need a Keyholding service? Many businesses still use a system that involves one of the directors, managers or staff responding to alarm activations on a rotation basis, not recognising the impact this could have on the business or the person attending the call out.

Please take a moment to consider the implications of you or one of your staff members attending an activation. What are you expecting when you arrive at your premises in the early hours? Admittedly, normally it is nothing more than some sort of alarm malfunction, which is then re-set and you are on your way. But what if the alarm has done its job, and there are persons onsite when you arrive? What will you do? How many of them are there? What will they do?

The health & safety of you and your staff is always paramount in your mind. You have risk assessments for every eventuality during working hours. But what contingencies have you allowed for to let one of your staff attend your premises alone and vulnerable at 3am in the morning?

As your Keyholders, we are on call 24 hours per day, seven days per week to professionally respond to any alarm activations that occur at your business address. Our Response Team will deal with all activations, leaving your premises only after we have secured it. This may also include organising temporary repairs. Nothing is left to chance.

Contact us free on 0800 612 2940 or via info@hylinesecurity.com to see how we can help your business from as little as £1 per day. Why leave anything to chance?